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We are on a mission to help people focus on what matters with tech-powered, effective delegation…

… while reshaping the job market of remote jobs.

<aside> ☝🏻 Let us show you a little more about us and our unique culture.


🚀 Epinote is growing - grow with us.

Growth is deeply embedded in the Epinote’s DNA.

➡️ Every day we help our clients from around the world get the most out of their work and develop quicker as businesses.

➡️ Every day we grow as a team taking on new challenges and changing how business is done.


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🦄 Who we are?


Imagine that companies (our clients) have a never-ending to-do list and no time to check it off.

On the other hand, imagine many people looking for a flexible job with varied assignments.

It would be awesome if someone connected both sides, allowing people to earn money and allowing companies to delegate tasks quickly, wouldn’t it?

So, we make it happen.

We help businesses with:

… you won’t get bored 😉

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🏰 Values

Now you know what we do, so it's time for you to get to know what guides us in our daily lives to create a unique and friendly working environment.

<aside> <img src="/icons/target_pink.svg" alt="/icons/target_pink.svg" width="40px" /> Quality

We are obsessed with delivering top-quality outputs - both for our clients and internally.


<aside> <img src="/icons/chess-queen_purple.svg" alt="/icons/chess-queen_purple.svg" width="40px" /> Ownership

No matter the role, we take full responsibility for our tasks and simply deliver.


<aside> <img src="/icons/heart_purple.svg" alt="/icons/heart_purple.svg" width="40px" /> Candor

Direct, blunt and actionable feedback is the foundation of our continuous growth.


<aside> <img src="/icons/palm-tree_pink.svg" alt="/icons/palm-tree_pink.svg" width="40px" /> Freedom

We value freedom – as long as you deliver quality, it’s up to you to decide when and how you want to work.


<aside> <img src="/icons/departures_pink.svg" alt="/icons/departures_pink.svg" width="40px" /> Growth

We love to optimise, measure effects, learn quickly and iterate as we go.


<aside> <img src="/icons/video-game_purple.svg" alt="/icons/video-game_purple.svg" width="40px" /> Play

The journey makes sense only if you have a lot of fun along the way.


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👩🏻‍💻  How we work at Epinote

Flexibility is our second name in all dimensions!


We are remote-first! This means that you can organise your office from whenever you want. Want to work from home, go on a city break or try out digital nomad life? Just pack your laptop and you’re ready to go.


It's up to you when you work. We focus on results, not working hours, though we work as a team, so keep in mind that our default timezone for meetings is Central European Time.